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We offer stunning aerial photography, filming and survey services using UAVs and drones in the UK

Our team at OverHD operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) with experience, expertise and creativity. We have backgrounds in photography, advertising, film, technology and aerospace which we have harnessed to offer a professional and reliable service to our clients. We can provide:

  • High definition (HD) aerial video
  • High resolution aerial photography
  • Live video
  • Video and film production & editing
  • Surveying

Applications For Our UAVs

  • Demolition, Redevelopment, New Build
  • Surveys of Buildings & Structures
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Planning
  • Progress Monitoring of Works On-site
  • Condition Surveys & Planning Maintenance
  • Surveying or Property, Land & Geological Features
  • Planning
  • Civil Works
  • Roof & Tall Building Inspections
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Archaeological Site Surveys
  • Property Insurance & Reinstatement
  • Building Stability & Fire Assessment
  • Planning Matters
  • Commercial Video / Film
  • Commercial Sales
  • Emergency Services
  • Education Prospectus
  • Film / Events
  • Advertising – Super Yachts / Boats / Cars

Who Should Be Using UAVs

  • Property & Land Owners
  • Emergency Services
  • Developers
  • Chartered Surveyors
  • Landscape Architects
  • Estate & Property Management
  • Property Developers
  • Insurance Companies & Loss Adjusters
  • Farmers & Agricultural Consultants
  • Archaeologists & Structural Engineers
  • Property Owners / Insurance
  • Architects & Insurers
  • Surveyors / Planners
  • Estate Managers / Directors / Editors
  • Agents – Leisure / Hospitality
  • Legal Profession
  • Local Authorities
  • Country Estates
  • Education Authorities / Schools
  • Television Production Companies
Endless Possibilities and Applications
Using The Latest Cutting-edge UAV Technology



Full Sized Aircraft/Helicopter – Expensive, aviation fuel, aircraft has to travel to location

Full Sized Aircraft/Helicopter – Noisy, obtrusive and causes pollution

Full Sized Aircraft/Helicopter – Must be at least 500 ft. from people, properties

Full Sized Aircraft/Helicopter – Wait until aircraft lands to view footage

Our UAVs can be easily transported to site and access places that jib and cranes can’t reach or go to


Property Marketing

What could be more appealing than a professionally produced video showing the area in which the property is situated? more

Surveying & Construction

Surveying with a UAV could not be simpler… more

Promotional Video

It has never been more affordable to showcase your business using a drone.. more

Outdoor Events

OverHD offers a great new way to capture your outdoor events… more

TV & Film

A team of creative professionals ready to fly and roll.. more


Plan, Engage and Take Off!

Before you go too far in your planning stages, contact us first. You may be in a geographical area where it may not be possible to provide our service. We will need some basic details of your requirements so we can carry out an initial survey to see the suitability of your requirement.

  • Location where the work is required.
  • Type of event or requirement.
  • Proposed date.
  • Amount of people involved.

With this information, we will be able to work out if we could deploy the UAV, or if we would need to seek extra CAA permission. We will let you know if your requirement is acceptable so you can continue to fine tune your plans.


Using OverHD added an engaging visual dimension to our corporate film that showed our skills in an exciting way.

Oliver Pitman, Managing Director

Using OverHD to capture our building’s features from the air helped us to promote it successfully.

Henry Williams, Architect

Our surf school was shown in a new and unexpected way that emphasised the excitement of surfing.

Matt Thompson, Client


1.Do you have the required permits to operate your UAVs?

All unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators should abide by all regulations from such organizations as the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and their own national airspace regulations. OverHD is authorised by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) under the terms of their BNUC-S license to conduct commercial aerial work using our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

2.How long will a OverHD drone fly for?

The flight time depends on 3 factors:

– Batteries

– Flight task

– Wind velocity

On average we allow for a 15 minute flight time per battery. We have multiple batteries per project and can hot swap batteries and recharge batteries during deployment.

3.How high and far will a OverHD drone fly?

The CAA imposes strict rules to ensure public safety. We are bound by these rules as part of our license conditions. This Permission is granted subject to the following conditions, namely, that the said aircraft shall not be flown:

  • Above a height of 400 ft.
  • Over or within 150 metres of an open air assembly of more than 1000 persons.
  • Over or within 50 metres of persons, structure or vessel not under our control.
  • In a built up area, town or settlement.
  • In a manner that could cause an accident.

Although these rules may seem restrictive we can fly closer to people and property if they are under our control in accordance with our operating procedures.

At large events we can apply to the CAA for extra permission, based on a thorough risk assessment site survey, this takes time and would require plenty of notice and planning.

4.How stable is a OverHD drone?

We typically rely on the sensor data fusion of rotational speed-, acceleration-, compass-, barometric pressure- and one GPS sensor. The rotational speed- and acceleration sensors are used to determine the position of the aircraft in an area. A compass sensor is needed in order to correctly convert the GPS position data to capture the “line of vision” of the aircraft. The barometric pressure sensor is needed to accurately position the drone on the Z-axis (Altitude Hold). Using the consolidated position data and the GPS position data the drone can determine and maintain the X- and Y-axis (Position-Hold). In addition to the sensors they also require a number of micro-controllers, up to 10 depending on the drone, with various tasks.

5.What specs does the camera have on a OverHD drone?
  • Operating Environment Temperature 0℃-40℃
  • Sensor Size 1/2.3″
  • Effective Pixels 14 Megapixels
  • Resolution 4384×3288
  • HD Recording 1080p30
  • Recording FOV 110° / 85°
6.Can a OverHD drone use other cameras?

Our systems will currently carry the following cameras:

Panasonic Lumix GH-2
Panasonic Lumix GF-1
Panasonic Lumix GF-2
GoPro HD
Ricoh GX 200
Canon 550D
Canon 5d Mark II
GoPro Hero 3
Sony NEX-7
Panasonic G3
Optris PI400/450
Canon 5D MK III
Optris PI400/450 + Panasonic GH3 (simultaneously)
Nikon D5200
Nikon D800
Panasonic GH3
Sony Alpha 7
Sony PJ 780
Optris PI400/450
Panasonic GH3

Of course we will gladly adapt your preferred camera for use with our drones. The camera weight incl. camera mount, however, mustn’t exceed the maximum net load. The interface for remote release (infrared or USB) and, if applicable, analogue video output for the live downlink on the camera to be used are important.

7.What does a OverHD drone do if the radio link fails?

Exceeding the control range of the remote control will trigger ‘Return-to-Home’. The OverHD drone will automatically fly back to its takeoff point and land safely. This emergency landing scenario continues until the radio link is re-established or the drone has landed.

8.Can a OverHD drone work indoors?

The emission-free and silent electric drives of course also allow our drones to be used indoors. Applications are e.g. demo flights at trade fairs or film shots inside buildings. Due to the typically limited space a suitable launch and landing site not accessible by onlookers must be provided.

9.Are there any restrictions on where an OverHD can fly?

In order to increase flight safety and prevent accidental flights in restricted areas, OverHD drones include a No Fly Zone feature.

These zones have been divided into two catogories: A and B. For a full explanation of the difference between the categories and view a full list of places included, please contact us.


If you have a project you would like to discuss,
get in touch with us.

We will need some basic details of your requirements so we can carry out an initial survey to see the suitability of your requirement.

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